Bookbinding Terms, Materials, Methods, and Models

This is a PDF version of the booklet on bookbinding included in the Traveling Scriptorium kit. It contains sections on materials of Medieval & Early Modern bookbinding; terminology; Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic, and limp bindings; and a comprehensive bibliography. The PDF will be updated and expanded on occasion.

Unfortunately, hard copies are not for sale, but the high-resolution PDF can be downloaded and printed if desired.

[booklet being updated as of March 2021]


Medieval & Early Modern Bookbinding Terms, Materials, Methods & Models.pdf

2 thoughts on “Bookbinding Terms, Materials, Methods, and Models”

  1. John Jameson said:

    How can I purchase a hard copy of the printed booklet


    • Hi John, unfortunately, we don’t sell copies of the booklet. You are welcome to print a copy yourself, however. The PDF file is high resolution and should print well. Thank you for your interest!

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