About the Scriptorium

The Traveling Scriptorium is a teaching kit, created by Yale University Library conservators and curators, to support the study of the medieval and early modern book as material artifact.

The kit contains samples of the materials and components of early and early modern books, to be used in hands-on exercises by Yale students, faculty, and staff.  The Traveling Scriptorium travels to classrooms across the Yale campus, and can be reserved through the Yale University Library’s Conservation & Exhibition Services.

The kit contains interpretative materials for self-guided class sessions, and can also be accompanied by a conservator or curator for demonstrations. Class sessions with the Library’s conservators and the kit may also be booked and held in our conservation laboratory.

The Traveling Scriptorium represents a collaboration between the Beinecke Library and the Yale University Library Conservation & Exhibition Services department, and was funded with a start-up grant from the Yale Library Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA).

We are grateful for the very generous donation of materials from Marge Salik at Talas, who contributed the parchment we used in our texts, and from Jesse Meyer of Pergamena, who not only gave us reduced rates on materials, but also allowed one of our conservators to create the stretched skin we use as an example in our kit.

4 thoughts on “About the Scriptorium”

  1. Thank you for this amazing collection of resources for bookmaking.

  2. Helen Schultz said:

    Fantastic! How does one acquire one of these kits? I would love to be able to use them… or are these images the kits themselves?

  3. Andrew Irving said:

    Whom do I contact to reserve this wonderful resource?

  4. I would be quite interested in either purchasing such a kit or, by following your instructions, putting one together on my own. Given the growth of class sessions studying the manuscript and early modern book, this kit would be a huge help.

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