Inks and Pigments

The Traveling Scriptorium includes several sample sets of traditional inks and pigments, as well as examples of various raw materials used in Medieval manuscript production.

Ink & Pigment Sampler.pdf  and Medieval to Early Modern Ink & Pigment Recipes

Carbon Black Ink, Basic Components

Irongall Ink, Basic Components

Blacks, Organics

Whites, Minerals

Browns, Minerals

Greens, Organics

Greens, Mineral

Yellow, Organics

Yellow, Mineral

Reds, Organics

Reds, Organics

Reds, Mineral

Reds, Mineral

Purples, Organics


Blues, Organic

Blues, Mineral

4 thoughts on “Inks and Pigments”

  1. What a wonderful resource. Would like to know more about acessing these pigments…peachtree black? Of course information always leads to more questions…

  2. Teri,
    Most of the pigments in the pigment set, including the peach stone black, were purchased or made from raw materials purchased at Kremer Pigments. They have a store in Germany and in New York City. Their website also has an online shop: but if you can make it to NYC, the store is definitely worth the trip.

  3. I use mostly inks made by Zecchi from historical pigments. I draw filigree initials, you can see samples on my Facebook page (En Luminayre).

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