Leather and Parchment Samples

The Traveling Scriptorium includes a set of samples of various types of leather and parchment (by species and tanning method).  The kit also contains examples of dyed leathers typically used in Medieval binding.

Leather & Parchment Samples

Leather & Parchment swatches.pdf

Undyed Leather, Parchment & Paper

Dyed with Brazilwood

Dyed with Cochineal (recipe c-1)

Dyed with Cochineal (recipe c-3)

Dyed with Green Buckthorn

Dyed with Ripe Buckthorn

9 thoughts on “Leather and Parchment Samples”

  1. This is really interesting. Is there any information available on what recipes were used for the various dyes?

  2. I am wanting to purchase dyed parchment for which to wrap furniture. Can you tell me where this sort of material can be sourced?

  3. Those dyed parchments look amazing! And the sample colors are stunning! The chochineal (recipe c-1) looks very elegant while the Ripe Buckthorn has this earthy feel. Love it!

  4. This stuff looks amazing. Also the dyed leathers typically used in Medieval binding seem pretty interesting to me. I will dig into this and see how much would it cost to buy some.

  5. this is cool! thank you for sharing

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